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In 2001, Australia experienced what was one of its most important moments regarding the online gambling industry. On Thursday 28th June, 2001, the Australian government passed the Interactive Gambling Act. This new law stated that no company under Australian law could offer an interactive gambling service to citizens residing in Australia. However, players based in Australia would be allowed to use online casinos and online poker sites that were based abroad.

One of the online casino games that benefited from a surge in popularity when this law was passed was online blackjack. Black jack has always been a firm favourite with players at internet casinos and given the odds of beating the house it is always one that stands the test of time.

Black jack is all about the players versus the house. Players do not compete against each other and the fact that the dealer stands on the one side of the table and the players stand on the other side, there is a certain them against us camaraderie that strikes a tone with players.

Blackjack Rules

The rules of blackjack are fairly simple. Players must try to hit 21 or under with the cards they are dealt. If they go over 21 with their cards then they lose the game. If they hit under 21, then the house must get higher cards than what the player has hit but go no higher than 21. If both the player and the house hit 21 exactly then the player gets their money back.

Blackjack Practice

One of the beautiful things about online casinos is that it has opened up black jack to a whole new audience. Now players are able to play free Blackjack with play money to pick up an understanding of the rules. They can practice Blackjack and learn the ropes without having to worry about being embarrassed at a land-based casino or losing lots of money to the house.

Cards Counting

Blackjack is the one casino game that is prone to card counting where players can work out the odds of what cards are likely to be drawn next based on which cards have already been drawn. This is not considered to be illegal but is frowned upon by casinos and has sparked many a romantic tale about every day people taking millions from casinos through card counting. The MIT card counting team, honoured in the Hollywood blockbuster “21”, is one such story and black jack is often used in films for certain scenes to depict moments of tension. Blackjack’s interpretation in Hollywood as being a cool game played by edgy individuals has only aided its popularity at both land based and online casinos.

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack will continue to be popular in Australia provided it is kept available to Australian players through foreign online casinos. It is an online casino game that gives the player a great chance to win and a great combination between luck and strategy. And the additional opportunity offered by internet casinos only contribute to its growing popularity.

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