Best Blackjack Books

Blackjack, or 21 as it is also called is one of the most popular games of all time and is still as popular as ever, if not more so, in the casinos. So it is no surprise that there is some fantastic literature out there based on the beautiful game. Here is a look at five of the finest books to be written on the subject.

Blackbelt in Blackjack

"Blackbelt in Blackjack"

Author: Arnold Snyder

Full of knowledge and ideas, Arnold Snyder uses previous literature and learnings of the game to provide what is perhaps the most comprehensive tutorial on the game that there has ever been. Snyder covers his own Red 7 card counting system and also has a number of theories to beat the house. If you want to take the game seriously then this is the text you must read.

Big Book of Blackjack

"The Big Book of Blackjack"

Author: Arnold Snyder

Another great book by Arnold Snyder, the second on our list. From the basics to advanced strategies, this book is a heaven to fans and players. Written by a professional player, it is both great for beginners, and advanced players who can also get some inside information, that is generously shared by Snyder.

Blackjack Bluebook II

"Blackjack Bluebook II"

Author: Fred Renzey

Second to the Blackjack Bluebook series of books, This text by writer Fred Renzey shows us a variety of strategies to improve our gameplay, Both basic and advanced. This is a very interesting and important piece of literature for players of all levels, since every player in every level of the game can highly benefit from reading it.

Million Dollar Blackjack

"Million Dollar Blackjack"

Author: Ken Uston

This is arguably the most innovative portrayal of how the game could be played as a team game and how influential card counting can be when playing the house. It was written in 1981 and card counting has evolved so much since then but the tactics and strategies were pioneering at the time.

Beat the Dealer

"Beat the Dealer"

Author: Edward O Thorp

This is regarded as the book that started it all. Initially printed in 1961, it remains popular to this day with sales exceeding 1,000,000 copies across the world. Famous for delivering a card counting strategy that used the solid basis of mathematical process, it is considered to be the first text that introduced the idea of card counting to the wider audience. It put fear into the casinos and revolutionized the way 21 was played in casinos.

And one more, different book.

Blackbelt in Blackjack

"Bringing Down the House"

Author: Ben Mezrich

This book is a part fictional, part true. It is not aimed at teaching the game or how to count cards. Made into a film called '21' back in 2008, it covers the amazing story of the illustrious MIT Blackjack Team that took Las Vegas for millions with the use of organized and sophisticated card counting during the last few decades. Aimed at being more a form of escapism than providing facts and detailed accounts this is a MUST for card counters.

So this is our choice for the best Blackjack books. There are plenty more out there and we have just covered a few. However, we feel that with a mix of fiction, factual and tutorial books these are the main candidates that you should be aware of if you wish to find a Blackjack literature to enjoy.

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