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Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games to this day and its availability on the internet has only enhanced its reputation as a favorite with gamblers across the world. The recent introduction of online live Blackjack has only contributed to the opportunities presented to fans of the game when playing on the internet.

Blackjack has been available to play online since gambling broke into the virtual world. However, a problem many players have felt is that playing the game online lacked the excitement and adrenalin that usually comes with a real Blackjack, played against a real, person - the dealer. The game is then much colder, faster and intimidating.

Recent technological advancements in the internet mean that real time video streaming is now faster, more efficient and comes in a higher resolution and quality. It can also be used on people's smart phones. This means that a live dealer Blackjack program can be downloaded and the individual can have a video feed of a the live table fed straight through to their computer or smart phone, with much higher speed and quality than before.

There are so many advantages of playing the game in a live scenario. The game feels more real. You know who you are playing against. You can see the dealer draw, instead of trusting the computer to generate the cards randomly. You have time between bets to consider your moves and there is the time it takes for the dealer to draw. In a virtual game, you can easily forget reality and end up betting irresponsibly or erratically. Another benefit of live online Blackjack is that in an effort to promote this new version of the game, casinos are willing to offer larger bonuses to encourage people to play ahead of the virtual games.

The obvious benefits of real time casino games including Blackjack and the technological advances have encouraged online casino operators to develop their real time casino functions and offer this service to their players. This version of the game is spreading like wild fire. Currently,, Europa Casino, Casino Tropez, William Hill and many other internet casinos offer the real time casino facility that enables you to play live Blackjack online but many more sites are realizing the potential benefit that the live gaming can have for their services. It won't be long before live casino gaming is the preferred way to play online casino games.

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