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Online casino bonus is the driving force of casino marketing and a tempting offer for all new and existing players. But many newly registered casino fans are confused when they face the gigantic, rich selection of bonuses. No wonder. Choosing the right bonus has become a science in itself. For your convenience we have listed the most important types, so you always know where you stand in this issue.

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Rules and Conditions

But before we discuss the types of bonuses, here are a few quick words about their conditions. Each bonus comes with strings attached, and has a list of conditions that you must meet before you are allowed to collect the profit that you have earned with it (assuming that there is a profit to collect). Every casino has its own rules and conditions, but as a general rule, the higher the bonus, the more stringent the conditions for its withdrawal. Carefully reading these conditions is the first step to maximizing the benefit of your bonus.

The Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is the most popular one. It is based on the amount of your deposit – the more you deposit the higher your bonus. You get a certain percentage of your deposit - usually between 40 and 100%- the deposit amount and your reward are credited to your account. It is usually described like this: 70 % match up to 2000 Euro. This Means: If you deposit 2000 euros, you will receive an extra 1400 euros and will eventually see a total of 3400 euros in your account.

The no Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are perfect for new players who wish to “test the waters” and try out the different casinos before investing any money to the adventure. As the name suggests this is a bonus that requires no deposit. You just open an account and your reward is deposited to your account. It usually involves relatively small amounts of money - between 10 and 50 euros, but as they require absolutely no financial obligation from the players they are still extremely attractive. It takes some patience to find the best no deposit casinos, because there are literally hundreds of them.


Promotions are usually time - or event -linked benefits that give you special advantages for a limited time: Christmas promotions, special promotions for football fans, for poker events etc. They are usually directed at existing players. You can follow these promotions on the site’s blog or special promotion section.

The loyalty bonus

The more you play the better the terms you get in most casinos. Special cash prizes, vouchers, better bonus conditions and much more await for you when you opt for an online casino and make yourself comfortable there at the tables.

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