Classic Blackjack

To play the free Classic blackjack online – select the amount of Chips and click on the "Deal" button. For more information, read the instructions on the left or consult the guide below. For 3D mobile Blackjack click here.

How to Play

  • Click on a chip on the left side of the table, under "Your bet"
  • Click on "Deal"
  • Click on "Hit", "Stand" or "Double Down"
  • To play again repeat steps 1-3
  • Check the "Chip Stack" on the right for your current "Play Money" balance

A Guide to the Free Classic Blackjack

Ready to hit the Blackjack tables but afraid your skills aren’t what they used to be? If that’s the case, you may want to practice a bit on the virtual blackjack tables. If you need the practice and don’t want to drop real money to do so, the Classic Blackjack game is a solid choice.

The Classic Blackjack is a virtual flash version of the ever popular card game. It’s not much in the way of graphics and flashiness – but what it does do well is replicate what it’s actually like to play blackjack.

You’re able to make any sorts of bets you can imagine, ranging from a measly 1 dollar all of the way up to 1000. Hit the deal button to see what cards you receive. Also available are hit, stand, double, and split – all the integral parts of the game of blackjack are here in a simple button form. So once you receive your two cards you can choose if you want to hit (get more cards), stand (stay with your two cards), double (double your bet and get one additional card) or split (in case of two identical cards – split your two cards into two hands). As is custom in online blackjack, the dealer continues to draw cards until 16 but stands on 17.

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